Month: March 2009

Suddenly, Problems!

I have taken the forum down since it was spam infested, and I will be posting new code examples shortly.

Learning C# and DirectX

This game is an evolution from the original Invasion game written in VB.Net then in Java, however it is essentially a new game as I am trying my hand at programming 3D models. This should prove to be a great challenge and I think I will benefit lots from learning a new language (writing it in C#, managed makes it quite a bit easier to maintain, especially given the only contributor at the moment is myself) along with learning a new SDK (DirectX 10 along with the Windows API).

Updating the Repository

After nearly a month absence, I return! Well, not really gone as much as out of sight. I’ve been busy preparing for and writing midterms, and doing assignments and travelling. Boston near the beginning of my disappearance, home for reading