Month: March 2010

DupliFinder Alpha Release

As promised, here is a compiled installer as well as the Visual C# 2008 source code for your enjoyment.

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In Development Land Again: DupliFinder, Duplicate Image Removal

Interesting enough, the more stressed I become the more I desire to program. And not just random programming, but programming to solve a problem (namely one of me :)). What I’ve been working on over the past couple days is

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Solution to Root Locked Rogers HTC Dream!

New mod found to work around Rogers 911 Emergency Upgrade! Thanks to the DroidX hacking community for this great find!

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Make iTunes Recognize Your Keyboard Controls Even While Minimized

In the eternal hunt to make my life a bit easier and more flowing, I was getting tired of having to ALT+TAB out of a game just to change or pause a song. The thing that irked me was that

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