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This is where I will post reviews in general, such as beta reviews, software reviews or even media reviews.

A Look at Maximum PC’s Multitouch Surface Computer

For many do-it-yourselfer’s out there, multi-touch displays may have been something you thought was out of your league. In reality, Maximum PC’s research guys have shown us that we can make a Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR for short) table for around $350. That is fantastic news because you can be the proud owner of your own touch-capable PC without having to spend $12,000 on the equivalent Microsoft Hardware product. In short, this makes it easier for developers such as myself to build our own touch PC’s and start working on the interfaces of tomorrow…

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Windows 7 (A Quick Look)

In this article, I discuss briefly what I plan on doing with my site this time around, and give a quick overview of my new favourite operating system, Windows 7.

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