Category: Site Updates

This is where all site updates will wind up, from talking about upcoming changes, to suggestions for site improvement.

Suddenly, Problems!

I have taken the forum down since it was spam infested, and I will be posting new code examples shortly.

Updating the Repository

After nearly a month absence, I return! Well, not really gone as much as out of sight. I’ve been busy preparing for and writing midterms, and doing assignments and travelling. Boston near the beginning of my disappearance, home for reading

Windows 7 (A Quick Look)

In this article, I discuss briefly what I plan on doing with my site this time around, and give a quick overview of my new favourite operating system, Windows 7.

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Total Website Refresh

In this post I talk about where the site magically disappeared to, what new projects I’m refocusing on, and how the site will improve yet again.

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