DupliFinder Alpha Release

As promised, here is a compiled installer as well as the Visual C# 2008 source code for your enjoyment. A few things to note: I can’t guarantee that it will work on your system, I can’t guarantee that it will work as advertised, and that all crashes have a reason. For developers I can’t guarantee that the source code is readable :). Hopefully you’ll see through my poor commenting and naming conventions and see the potential for this code :P. Anyways, this is by no means a finished product, but I am releasing it to one keep myself on schedule, and two make a duplicate file finding program available for free (finally!). The installer may only be 64-bit (the publish options in Visual Studio are so confusing!) so if that’s the case you will need to compile it yourself. Mature releases will have a 64 and 32-bit build available (with probably a real and better install system).

As usual, please leave feedback relating to functionality or utter destruction in the comments below, and remember it’s alpha software so use at your own risk! It won’t delete random files, but don’t think it won’t actually delete all the files when you select them with the checkbox and choose Erase!

I am a professional software developer working for Pythian as a technical lead. I am currently working on distributed systems. In the past I specialized in system monitoring tools and best practices. I graduated from Carleton University with a bachelor of computer science and minor in mathematics. My hobbies include augmented reality, artificial intelligence and system design.

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2 comments on “DupliFinder Alpha Release
  1. Dan says:

    Hey Dean,

    I just glanced at the code but it does look promising. I will take a good look at it after this weekend is over (long story but I won’t have a chance until next week). But I have a 32-bit compiler for you if you need one. But yeah just so you know it will install on a 32-bit system but I couldn’t get it to run one either of the 2 computers I have kicking around running XP Pro 32-bit. But yeah good work man.

  2. deanpearce says:

    Yeah that might be due to how I’m generating Special folders, and perhaps I ended up using some Vista/7 only tricks and code. Do you happen to know if .NET 3.5 varies in functionality amongst different Operating Systems? Thanks for taking a peek at it, I’m in the process of cleaning it up and threading the file comparison bit so at least its a stable release, then working on the comparison engines.