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All Aboard Ruby On Rails

Last night I posted the code for the next blog installment which is using the Ruby on Rails web framework for building your blog application. You can find this demo code in the new GitHub repository at http://github.com/deanpearce/MyBlogRails. And please do look at it, play with it, and tell me what I’ve done wrong as usual :). I have spent time over the past few weeks familiarizing myself with Ruby and how its gems, such as Rails, extend the functionality of the language. For those of you who are new to Ruby on Rails, it’s important to understand that Rails is a Ruby gem, meaning that the gem extends the language to make Ruby a friendly language for web development. As per usual, I am assuming that you are caught up in at least the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language, and have followed the installation guide (for Linux as usual :)) at http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/getting-started/installation/linux. The process is rather straightforward, and even easier on Ubuntu as most (if not all) the packages can be installed using Aptitude to get the development process going without needing to wait for builds.

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Get a Reaction With Catalyst

Today, I will be discussing Catalyst which is an MVC web application framework written in Perl. Free to use, just search CPAN for Catalyst for more information. If you’re adventurous and know Perl, go ahead and load CPAN and use “install Task::Catalyst” or on the Catalyst page, Matt Trout has posted a wonderful script to speed up installation. I’ll cover that part in a bit, but let’s say it takes longer than a coffee break.

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